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Our products: Turning wood and wood production of individual components
Welcome to the website of the company LEKEŠ wood turning!

Production of turned wood components

We produce turned wooden parts of furniture, home accessories, kitchen utensils, lighting, toys and many other wooden products. Our product range includes a round rotating products, but can also produce non rounded rotating parts.

  • Turned components for furniture
    Feet on the table, feet for chairs, wooden components for židlím, decorative wooden accessories, fittings for furniture and the like..

  • Wooden toys components
    Wheels, figurines, turned parts of toys, balls

  • Kitchen utensils
    mincer salt and pepper, rolls of the noodles, medovníčky, wooden beermats, plates, bowls, stands on the egg, stands on napkins, cups and the like.
  • Custom production
    Based on customer requirements, we are able to produce any turning product. Just us to sample the product, drawing or diagram of the product. We are able to produce nekulaté rotating products (such as the wooden stock of the weapon, ruck on the axes and below.)
  • Finish wood procedures  
    We also offer a final finishing products such as painting, staining, voskováním wood.

Examples of our work can be seen on page products where we have prepared a number of photographic examples. Years of experience and expertise in the field also confirm our major clients, which you can see on the page Reference.

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If you are interested in our products you can contact us on the Contacts page where you fill out the contact form.